"Absolutely Breathtaking Zipline"

Zipline through the ancient rain forest canyon on your way to or from Tofino, Ucluelet, and The Pacific Rim National Park. Ranked #1 On Trip Advisor as a ‘Do Not Miss’ experience of a lifetime!

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Six of the most amazing Zip-lines take you through ancient growth Rain Forest; soaring above the canyon and Kennedy River.

This is one of the ‘DO NOT MISS’ beautifully stunning zip-line cultural eco tours to add to your time on the West Coast. WestCoast Wild is located in Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations Territory, The Ha’uukmin Tribal Park; one of the most beautiful areas on Vancouver Island. Join our team of professional guides as they take you on a breathtaking zip-line experience like you’ve never had before! Great for all ages and a multi year top Trip Advisor award winner, including the coveted “Hall of Fame” designation. You’ll zip over and explore a beautiful river canyon and forest trails, while your experienced zip-line guides insure your safety and enjoyment.

Six Amazing Ziplines

Do Not Miss Adding Two Of The Most Amazing Hours To Your Adventure. This Is Top Ranked ‘Must Do’ With Memories That Last A Lifetime!

Top Awarded

Loved it – don’t miss this on your trip to Tofino

“Amazing experience with super friendly people. The zip-line runs along a wonderful emerald stream. We enjoyed every minute and recommend this adventure to everyone!”

Great For All Ages

Our professional guides make Zip-lining truly great for all ages. We’ve toured everyone for 10years to 80+ years! No fear required; just great memories.

Afraid of heights? Concerned if you are too old or too young… No need for concern, our guides are right by your side every step of the way. We will continuously check over your gear, hook you up, send you off, and safely brake you at each landing platform. You’ll soar like an eagle over this amazing river canyon and stimulate your senses to the max. This is an amazing zip-line tour that you do not want to miss.

Age & Weight Requirements: If you are 29.5 Kg. (65 Lbs.) to 122.8 Kg. (270 Lbs.) you have “The Right Stuff” to create a life long Memory on the Zip-Line. Age is not so much of the concern, as if you are too light you will not be able to make it to the end of some of the lines.

Come Zipline

“The Do Not Miss West Coast Adventure!”

One of the best parts about zipping over the Rain Forest Canyons is the feeling you get when soaring above the million+ year old canyon water ways. Spend time with us on the wild West Coast… and create your memories that will last a lifetime!

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We are on Highway # 4 on your way to or from the Pacific Rim National Park (Tofino + Ucluelet) in the Clayoquot Plateau Provincial Park.

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